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5 Reasons Why You Should Blog as a Software Developer

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One day when you become a software ENGINEER who has to build complex, long-lived software as part of a team of people, following modern engineering practices (model-driven development, design-by-contract), upon which people's well-being depends, you will change your tune, I suspect.


Summary. Soft Skills: The software developer's life manual is a unique guide, offering techniques and practices for a more satisfying life as a professional software developer.

In it, developer and life coach John Sonmez addresses a wide range of important "soft" topics, from career and productivity to personal finance and investing, and even fitness and relationships, all from a developer.

10 Tips to Improve your Communication Skills as a Software Developer Search. Categories. A Developer's Life Let’s consider things you can do to improve your communication skills as a software developer.

#1 Learn to Listen.

Test-Driven Development? Give me a break…

#5 Don’t Write, Talk. Alexa Developer Rewards Get paid for the most engaging skills; Design. Overview Learn how to approach the design process; Alexa Auto Software Development Kit (SDK) An SDK for automotive developers to simplify the integration of Alexa into in-vehicle infotainment systems Integrate Alexa into your vehicle.

After scouring the internet for a good, updated list of software developer and software engineer podcasts, I have come up empty. It seems that the best list is an old closed Stack Overflow question which is far out of date. I’m Joel Spolsky, a software developer in New York City.

More about me. Ready to level up? Stack Overflow Jobs is the job site that puts the needs of developers first. Whether you want to take control of your search or let employers discover you, we’re on a mission to help every developer find a.

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