Tackling obesity at a global level

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All-of-government approach needed to tackle obesity

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What’s the best way of tackling obesity?

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Global effort to tackle obesity and diabetes

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Obesity Facts & Figures

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Global effort to tackle obesity and diabetes

Global failure to tackle obesity epidemic demands new ways of thinking, say leading experts. In less than a generation, experts say, rates of child obesity have risen dramatically worldwide. Tackling obesity 5 Ideas for success Develop a locally tailored strategy for obesity – ensure it is a priority at strategic and delivery levels and that council led.

All-of-government approach needed to tackle obesity More and more people are becoming overweight and obese all over the world. Philip James tells Fiona Fleck how the epidemic started and what should be done to reverse it.

World-wide, million adults and million teenagers are currently struggling with obesity (World Obesity Federation, ).

We need a whole systems approach to tackle obesity

The majority are in America and Europe (Ibid). This phenomenon results from diet imbalance due to. The OECD Obesity Update showed that nearly one in three New Zealanders was obese, and that at % of the adult population, New Zealand’s obesity level remained the third highest in the world, behind only the United States (%) and Mexico (%).

Cross-sector intervention at the local level of obesity in the UK (McKinsey Global Institute, ). The prevalence of overweight and obesity among adults and children has never been higher in the UK, so what the country has spent and Tackling Obesity – What the UK can learn from other countries %.


Tackling obesity at a global level
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We need a whole systems approach to tackle obesity | World Cancer Research Fund International