Single parenthood in singapore

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Public housing in Singapore

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[2018 Edition] Complete Guide to Baby Grants in Singapore

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This is the prevailing societal norm in Singapore, and one which we seek to reflect and preserve. Published On Mon, Jan 19, Cecile Richards discusses her career as president of Planned Parenthood, and the inspiration provided by her late mother, Texas Governor Ann Richards.

There is also a worry that legitimising single parenthood will add to the erosion of the traditional family unit. This is a stance the Singapore Government has. Strikingly, none of the single parents in Singapore we spoke to deliberately set out to be single parents.

Their status as a single parent was an outcome of a relationship gone horribly wrong. Wendy Yong, 38, and a single mother of a nine-year-old girl shares,”After I got pregnant, we quickly got engaged, but things started going rapidly.

Over 80% of Singapore’s resident population lives in an HDB flat. This is mainly because HDB flats offer the cheapest and easiest way to become a home owner in Singapore.

Single parenthood in singapore
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