Ryan air ups and downs

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Harvick wins Atlanta, but 'garbage' pit guns emerge as big talking point

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Ryan Spooner | Winger | #23

A fan contest was held and the team received different names. Although several entries in a fan contest suggested Falcons, a schoolteacher was declared the winner because of her reason “The falcon is proud and dignified with great courage and fight.”.

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Press release: Deputy Ryan W. Young has been identified by Genesee County Sheriff William A. Sheron Jr. as the officer involved in Wednesday night's shooting at the Indian Falls Log Cabin Restaurant.

Deputy Young is a six-year law enforcement officer who joined the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office in Sheriff Sheron said: “Law enforcement officers go to work every day. Stepping Up To The Mike Indonesia, which straddles the highly volatile Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ where many of the world’s volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occur, has been rocked by .

Ryan air ups and downs
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