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Frequently asked questions on medicinal cannabis

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Cannabis Trivia Quiz With Answers. Cannabis is indigenous to what geographical area? A: Central and South Asia. Technically canabis is the dried flowers, leaves and stems of the female what? February 23rd, John Andrews. (1) How to regulate medical marijuana, (2) what to do about marijuana’s illicit recreational users, and (3) how much to use state power for the individual’s own good, were all topics in play during the minute discussion.

Medical Cannabis Patient Interest Survey Results. FEBRUARY The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) The survey asked potential medical cannabis patients several questions designed to provide MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT INTEREST SURVEY.

Marijuana and public health frequently asked questions. Below you will find answers to some of the commonly asked questions about marijuana.

Frequently Asked Questions

At least five states will vote on legal recreational marijuana this November. Drug policy expert Beau Kilmer hosted an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit to shed light on this and other issues.

Nov 01,  · The term cannabis is widely used to refer to any plant in the genus Cannabis including dried flowers and leaves (marijuana), seeds, extracts and resins. Between 60 and chemicals called cannabinoids and some non-cannabinoid chemicals are produced by the cannabis plant.


Questions on cannabis
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