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Nov 09,  · Here's a linky to a site called 'The Political Compass'. I feel sure I've seen it on this forum before, but maybe that was before the wipeout. The idea is that basic left/right wing labels are not very useful in determining someone's political stance.

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I've constantly seen the political compass misrepresented in politics and internet culture. This is by far the best, most accurate political compass I've used. Ontario Votes - Vote Compass. Nov 19,  · The major problem with the "Political Compass" test is that it is a libertarian propaganda device, plain and simple.

It errors on the left-right saying that this is "economic" only, when the left-right has social issue aspects too.

It attempts to carve out a unique position for libertarianism, without mentioning liberal, centrist, or conservative, leaving the reader to "know" that liberal.

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