Organism used to synthesise pla


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Journal of Nanomaterials

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Microbiology 2500

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In most cases bacteria would rather use amino acids in their environment than make them from scratch. It takes a considerable amount of energy to make the enzymes for the pathway as well as the energy required to drive some of the reactions of amino acid biosynthesis. Bacteria are divided into two categories based on their response to gram staining, a chemical technique that differentiates bacteria according to the nature of their cell wall.

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So-called gram-positive bacteria possess a thick cell wall, whereas gram-negative bacteria possess a thinner cell wall. Production process for polylactic acid PLA Industrial plant Organism used to synthesise polylactic acid.

Lactic acid bacteria are among the most important groups of microorganisms used in food fermentations. They contribute to the taste and texture of fermented products and inhibit food spoilage bacteria by producing growth-inhibiting substances and large amounts of lactic acid.

PLA is biocompatible and in the body undergoes scission to monomeric units of lactic acid, which is a natural intermediate in carbohydrate metabolism.

1 These properties make PLA suitable for use in absorbable sutures, as carriers for the controlled release of drugs, and in implants in orthopedic surgery and blood vessels. 2 PLA is synthesized.

Organism used to synthesise pla
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