Mister seahorse writing activities

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Printable Seahorse Craft

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Mister Seahorse book

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I did have a parent volunteer help with the reading of the seahorse facts. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Retell!Author: KinderbyKim's Blogspot! I love the book Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle and the Lil Divas enjoy the overlays and illustrations in the story.

I hadn't expected to do another activity to go with this particular story (we were just re-reading it for fun) but I was inspired by the illustrations to make our own.

Learn about seahorses with these free seahorse printables. The set includes a seahorse word search, crossword puzzle, and coloring pages. Seahorse Printables. Search the site GO.

Eric Carle Author Study with FREE Printables

For Educators. Homeschooling Spelling Geography Unit Studies Print the pdf: Seahorse Alphabet Activity.

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Students engage in a story from a book, Mister Seahorse, fill out a chart of suspects and solve the clues. In this investigative lesson students visit web sites about their suspects and try to solve the mystery.

In either version, Bob is already expected to be among the group(s) in question, but is singled out as if he's not, usually at Bob's expense; "Bob" may be anyone, including the Butt-Monkey or an Acceptable Target.

In extreme cases, the group will be received with cheers, and the name of Bob will be. A powerpoint to introduce an Eric Carle themed art project based on the story 'Mister Seahorse'. Focusing on colour and pattern, ideal for an under the sea topic.

Mister seahorse writing activities
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