Jet blue melt down

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JetBlue: After the meltdown

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JetBlue apologizes after passengers stranded

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JetBlue Suspends Captain in Meltdown

The JetBlue pilot meltdown has everyone buzzing, including fellow airline pilots. "The first thought that went through my head when I read the story of the JetBlue pilot," a veteran of the cockpit said, "was, 'Thank God he wasn't armed!*'.

A JetBlue flight attendant who argued with a passenger on a plane before making a grand exit down its emergency slide has been released on bail in New York. JetBlue travelers continued to experience delays and cancelations Friday, however, as the airline struggled for a third day to recover from an operational meltdown at John F.

Kennedy International. On Valentine's Day, JetBlue Airways watched as its entire schedule melted into thin air.

Gateless, inbound flights piled up on the JFK ramp, and outbound flights were prevented from departing. Jet Blue has an opportunity to remain cutting edge in the airline industry by continuing to be low-cost and expanding carrier.

A great market for Jet Blue to expand to would be towards the Caribbean's.

Judge: JetBlue Meltdown Pilot Insane, Not Guilty

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Jet blue melt down
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JetBlue Suspends Captain in Meltdown