Flexible firm atkinson model

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Flexible-Firm Model

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The `Flexible Firm': Fixation or Fact?

According to Atkinson (), 'what is new is for firms to seek all three forms of flexibility consistently, and as part of a basic manning strategy' (italics added). Second, if they did have a strategy, how far did it fit with the characteristics of the IMS flexible-firm model, viewed as a description of what certain organizations do.

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Why Flexibility? Need for Flexibility: The concept of flexibility has permeated much of current human resources management thinking, providing justification for recent developments in more flexible and variable working patterns.

What Is a Flexible Firm?

The most common one is the Atkinson’s flexible firm model. Many of the forms of flexibility illustrated above in Table 1 can be identified with the flexible firm model developed by John Atkinson in The degree of labour market flexibility is the speed with which labour markets adapt to fluctuations and changes in society, the economy or production.

The most common definition of labour market flexibility has been the neo-liberal definition. Atkinson and Meager’s model of ‘flexible firm’ identifies four types of flexibility that companies seek: 1. Functional: This refers to a firm’s ability to adjust and deploy the skills of its employees to match the tasks required by its .

Flexible firm atkinson model
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