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NYPD files formal departmental charges against officers in Eric Garner case

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Eric Garner: A Country United

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New York man choked, killed when suspected of selling cigarettes on sidewalk

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NYPD files formal departmental charges against officers in Eric Garner case

Four years ago today, Eric Garner was killed on Staten Island by police. The year-old father died after he was put in a chokehold by New York Police Department Officer Daniel Pantaleo. The choking death of Eric Garner on video in helped bring the debate on interactions between white police officers and unarmed African Americans to the national forefront.

Eric Garner was born on September 15,in New York City, New York. Garner, whose mother was a. Taibbi's book, 'I Can't Breathe,' explores the roots and repercussions of the killing of Eric Garner by the New York City police.

'I can't breathe': Eric Garner put in chokehold by NYPD officer – video

Excerpt From Matt Taibbi’s Book on the Eric Garner Killing. amsey Orta’s footage of Eric Garner’s final moments—a seemingly routine confrontation with police that in a flash turned deadly–ricocheted around the world, turning a local tragedy into a.

Eric Garner, a Staten Island father of six, was tragically killed last month by New York Police Department Officer Daniel Pantaleo when he put the asthmatic Garner into an illegal chokehold.

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Eric garner
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Eric Garner Death: NYPD Trial 'Opportunistic' Says Black Lives Matter Leader