Ambitions and material things that does not always satisfy the soul

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Your Life is Too Valuable to Waste Chasing Possessions

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Your Life is Too Valuable to Waste Chasing Possessions

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Chapter 41: Material Things Will Not Bring You Happiness

STUDY. Descartes argues that material things DO exist by A. pointing out that not only can we see them, but we can touch them as well B. relying on the fact that our senses do not always deceive us C.

showing that even if the evil demon deceives us, it still seems to us as though they do. My ambitions have relied more on cash than material.

The irony of that is that I’ve spent my life selling things to people they don’t need.

Only He Will Satisfy

They tell me what they think they want or need. We must do something with our lives that is positive and purposeful and conforms to God's purpose, or we will waste them, achieving nothing within His purpose. We are part of God's spiritual creation.

A person being spiritually created in the image of God must not drift but deliberately choose to live for goals far higher, goals that God establishes.

Solomon is not belittling anybody, but simply teaching a truth, a. C.S. Lewis on Commitment (The Call to Discipleship) Dr. Art Lindsley pleasure in acquiring material things. Certainly there is pleasure to be found in pursuing Constantly they find that the things they desire are not adequate to satisfy them.

So they get a new car, a. The soul and the body are made out of the same material and so any distinction is merely a useful tool to help identify the causes of the body. d. The body is a temple of God, and he who destroys the temple of God will also be destroyed. The Only Way to Happiness: Thirst for Holiness Tonight as we continue in our study of the Beatitudes, we are drawn back to Matthew chapter 5 and this wonderfully rich portion of Scripture.

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Ambitions and material things that does not always satisfy the soul
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Your Life is Too Valuable to Waste Chasing Possessions